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Aloysius Memoirs #001

Aloysius College

From my Aloysius Memoirs.. 1989-90
Eric Patrao was my math lecturer in Mangalore, and initially taught us Operations Research (OR) in my final year math.  The entire class had flunked in our internal half year exams.  Upon investigation by our then head of Math department, Upadhyaya, [i knew he was investigating because he asked me what was happening], we concluded that we needed a ‘strong nose to the grindstone’ teacher.  Eric was good at explaining the theory, but when we came out of the class and tried to recall what he taught us, his anecdotes were the only thing most of us remembered.  So the teacher got replaced.  All this stressing was because of the impending final year math exam and graduation blues.

Kiran Hande (pronounced hunDay) the replacement, polished us in OR.  To date, OR was one of the fun subjects that i learnt.  Kiran had just graduated and come back to teach us, and would therefore blend with the students, in appearance.  Only when he walked to the front of the class, did we realize that this was our lecturer..

He would start the class with “Take down this problem” and actually thrust 2 very long problems down our throats in 45 minutes, with 5-6 take home problems as well.  All that drill and overloading instilled good confidence in the students, and translated to a decent performance in University exams.

For my American friends:
Under the University accredition and compliance system in India, all universities comply with UGC [University Grants Commission] which is a national level regulating body.  Subject papers for all colleges under a certain university would be set by that particular university.  Compliance also ensures certain funds via grants.
Lecturers from various umbrella colleges would be invited to set the Q paper, which is also considered prestigious for the individual.  That is how accreditation used to work in India.  (i do not claim current knowledge)

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