Thanks to all of you who visited with me in the past few weeks as I considered running for the Omaha Public Power District Board in Subdivison 8.  I really enjoyed hearing your views on all things electric, from public power, to advances in use reduction, to the newest cost-saving innovations in technology, and of course, our electric bills!

I’m excited to see evidence that our monthly bills can come down in the future.  To me, creating a smart energy future is key to reliable electricity and bills that go down rather than up.  We get to a smart energy future by staying on top of innovations in all areas of electric generation. As we move to this smart energy future it is important that we ensure our processes are transparent and accountable, and we listen to our ratepayers.

This is what I pledge to do when representing the good people of Subdivision 8 on the Omaha Public Power District board. Please join me in this campaign by donating and volunteering to help in my campaign effort. 

More about Linda

I stand for:

  • Ensuring electric bills are affordable
  • Supporting public power
  • Making sure our power grid is reliable and secure
  • Making sure the OPPD board is accountable to the ratepayers and is transparent